Technical Artist, EA Create, Electronic Arts

fifa 21

Developed tooling, automation, and infrastructure while providing artist support for the FIFA 21 production. Helped ship on both current and next-gen platforms.

Tools Programmer / Engine Programmer / Technical Artist,
Ubisoft Toronto

watch dogs legion

Member of the production team for Watch Dogs: Legion, moving between tools, engine, and technical art. Supported, updated, and created tools for game and content creation. Assisted in engine optimization efforts and overhauled the profiling report pipeline. Optimized art assets and served as the point of contact for artists’ global illumination issues.

Software Engineer, YouTube

An example of some of the 3D video content found on YouTube

Enhanced 360/3D/VR video playbacks across Android, iOS, and web. Investigated improving video quality through alternative video codecs and perceptual techniques.

Software Developer, Parametric Human Project

parametric human project point cloud viewer
A point cloud as rendered by the web-based point cloud viewer

Developed a web-based viewer to enable client-side visualization of anatomical data using WebGL via the three.js library. Built a server-side geometry processing application in Python to generate previews of images and 3D point clouds. These tools facilitated the exploration of data and models that exist within the Parametric Human Project repository.

Front-end Web Developer, Index Exchange (Formerly Casale Media)

work, index platform
Developed and implemented a real-time bid tracking site as part of the Index Platform release

Translated business requirements into code-able design documentation to be implemented by myself and other developers. Extended and enhanced the front end web interface used by both internal users and external clients, utilizing Perl, MySQL, HTML, and Javascript (jQuery). Restructured legacy code base so as to be extensible and maintainable.